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New to the game, Greg has caught up quickly and adapted to how fast the photography world is moving. Just like any photographer, he started with photos on his phone, then to an external lens and a lot of misc lighting and misc editing things but hey, who doesn’t? Since his start in 2016 to now, he has had his work published in magazines, worked with amazing creatives across the country that seriously have become like family and continues to showcase the beauty of every person that steps in front of his camera. His warm personality and corny jokes keep clients at ease and allowing for the best snapshots of their lives to be kept for memories down the road. From NC, CA, GA to now VA, he along with his wife tag team the art of capturing the moments that matter specific for each and every client. So they can relive it for a lifetime over and over again. Got a vision? He can help bring it to life at Shutter Class Photography.


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